Being long on innovation – part 3: the (generative) AI and LLM race has just started

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From a venture investor’s diary #4: 7 scale-up dos and one don’t-do

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From a venture investor’s diary #3: a few scale-up lessons

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From a venture investor’s diary #2: On leaders and leadership

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Nuts and bolts #4: six more delightful things about product market fit

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From a venture investor’s diary #1: The power of thinking long-term, practicing a “craft”

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Thoughts from the trenches: Little data, dark data, “ramps” and related things

“Big data” and its twin, AI, is a big theme, has been so for some time (for us too), and is continuing at an accelerated pace.  But seeing big data … Continue Reading


Dear Founder #8: moving fast, intellectual honesty, and tapping into the “unknown unknowns”

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Dear Founder #7: Thinking global from day 1

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Dear Founder #6: on weather-proofing again (with a note on strategies for the unexpected tornado) ….

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